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If you run from a leaking roof you'll end up with a flood.

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Roof damage can occur due to many factors. Hail can damage the roof surface of your property and high winds can tear off sections of roof entirely. Then there are roof leaks, worn out roof jacks and vents, damaged flashing, rotting, cracked pipe boots and more that, if left untreated, can damage the structure of your entire roof over time.

S.R.S repair team can fix your roof's issues and give it  new life to last for many more years. Our roofing repair professionals use the latest industry standard roofing technologies and methods available to diagnose and fix your roofing issues right the first time no matter how big or small the problem is.

The source of a leak also could be an improperly installed skylight. Roofing cement can close a gap or hole at least temporarily, but if the problem is an improperly installed skylight or flashing, a more involved repair may be required

Fixing a large leak properly means fixing the structural damage that affects it.  The repair method will depend on the cause of the leak.

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We know that roof leaks rarely demand a full roof replacement. Pinpoint repairs to your roof’s trouble spots can stop leaks permanently for a fraction of the cost of a new roof. In fact, maintaining your roof with as-needed repairs prevents moisture build-up, decay and rot from underneath to help prolong the life of your entire roof.

One torrential rainstorm is all it takes to turn your minor roof leak into a major and expensive restoration project. Our S.R.S experienced roof repairs pros arrive ready for tracking  the leaks to their sources and make the necessary repairs quickly and less expensive than everybody alse.


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If you run from a leaking roof you'll end up with a flood.

Mahmoud Abbas

Our Technicians are experienced in all areas included commercial, industrial and residential. Roofing system repairs, from fixing roof leaks to replacing shingles, to repairing extensive storm damages. Rest assured that our  roof repair experts have the skills and tools to ensure your damaged roofing is fixed in an efficient manner with expert care.

The worst thing you can do for a roof in need of repairs is to ignore it. Neglecting to have your roof repaired quickly will lead to more costly roof repairs later - and potentially a complete roof replacement if the damages are left unattended for too long. While roofing systems are built to last and take the brunt of whatever Mother Nature throws at us, without the proper repairs and maintenance, even the strongest roof can suffer a very expensive damages.